Fall Concert Band 2020 Sessions – Invite Your Friends to Join Us!

To access the ZOOM link RSVP at band.us/n/ada149J1G6P1a or text ZOOM to 480-787-0777

If you’re already part of  our platform


great!  If not, please join us as we’ll post updates here and you can be part of our instrumental family! 

We’ll provide you links (open to all musicians, community and friends of MCC) that you can be a part  of for LIVE ONLINE MUSIC IN MESA and beyond.
Community Members and Friends of MCC, you’re welcome to JOIN ANY TIME!

10/20 Lucas Pino and Roxy Coss
10/27 Music Education Masterclass
10/6 Happy Half-Hour

Click here at 2:30 on Thursday to join

“HAPPY HALF-HOUR” – BYOB Island Theme – jump on, talk about life, tell stories, get by with a little help from your friends – bring some of your favorite music to share or just chill.

Rest of the week is off for you it’s the “unofficial fall break”

9/15 Garage Band Beyond with Dr. Emily Schwartz

Emily Schwarts - Garage Band & Beyond - Live on Tuesday 9/15 @ 2:30pm, recorded on 9/17 @ 7:30pm

9/1 Sounding Your Best Online with Dr. Dan Puccio

Dan Puccio - Sounding Your Best Online. 2:30 pm Tuesday, September 1 Live on Zoom

9/8 A Working Musician in Las Vegas with Hugh Lovelady

Hugh Lovelady - My Life as A Working Musician in Vegas. 9/8 @ 2:30 Live Q&A

9/22 Composing and Arranging with Russ Schmidt
Woodwinds with Paul Brewer & Hugh Lovelady
Trumpets with Emery Harvison
Horns with Nate Mitchell

Reach out to Nate if you are interested in free horn micro lessons.

Low Brass with Scott Hanson & Doug Robinson

Click here at 2:30 on Thursdays to join

Upcoming Guests:

October 1st: Christopher Wolf – Principal Trombonists of the Phoenix Symphony

October 15th : John Noreyko, Jazz tuba, 30 years of experience at Disneyland in California and freelance work.

November 5th: Dr. Travis Netzer, Rock Tuba. He uses electronic equipment to play rock tunes on the tuba with effects.

Past Guests:

September 17th: Kelli Duncan, almum of MCC and currently Master student at ASU. Group warm up, have your instrument!