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MCC Orchestra

The MCC Orchestras consistently presents innovative programs featuring a variety of orchestral works.

Under the direction of Brian Murphy, the MCC Orchestras consistently present innovative programs featuring a variety of orchestral works from the Classical, Romantic and Modern periods.  The orchestral program at MCC includes both a Community Orchestra (full orchestra) as well as a String Orchestra.

Both groups are made up of MCC students (music majors and non-music majors) and community members.

FALL 2021 classes will meet at the MCC Performing Arts Center and will follow the health and safety regulations established by the college. Masking and distancing is encouraged while inside the building. Scholarships are available to students of all ages – you do not have to be a music major or a full-time student. Find out how to apply to scholarships by texting SCHOLARSHIPS to 480-787-0777 The Community Orchestra meetings are scheduled for Tuesday evenings at 7:15. The class is directed by Brian Murphy. The MCC Orchestras are made up of students and community members. Jump in and have some fun with us!

Here are examples of what the MCC Orchestras may offer for you this Fall 2021! 

  • Engage with amazing teachers from our STRINGBRASSWOODWIND, and PERCUSSION studios in fun, small, like-instrument group
  • The learning, preparing and performing of quality string and full orchestra literature
  • Learning of orchestra pedagogy and orchestra rehearsal techniques for music education majors and community members that are interested in teaching.
  • FREE instrument check-out (where approved and available) from the MCC PAC in August 2021. Over 8 instruments may be available to choose from and you can check them out the entire semester
  • Positive, motivational experiences for all musicians, early college – retired community members and all ability levels.
  • Enrollment in large ensembles are often the path to private lesson scholarships (wavers). Text SCHOLARSHIPS to 480-787-0777 for more information
  • Complete this FORM and we’ll send you MORE information for Late August/Early September Starts!