The MCC Band program focuses on emphasizing instrumental techniques and the preparation of all styles of band literature for ensemble performance.

The MCC Band program includes both a Community Band that meets in the evenings, and is open to students and community members alike, and a Concert Band that meets during the day, that is geared towards music, and non music majors. Conductors of the MCC Band Program include Dr. Rob Hunter, Paul Brewer, and Brian Murphy.

Classes will meet at the MCC Performing Arts Center and will follow the health and safety regulations established by the college. Masking and distancing is encouraged while inside the building. Scholarships are available to students of all ages – you do not have to be a music major or a full-time student.

Click here to hear what the bands are working on this season.

Here’s an example of what community and concert bands may offer for you this semester.

  • The learning, preparing and performing of great concert and wind band ensemble literature.
  • Rehearsing in the MCC Performing Arts Center and performing in the beautiful Dr. Ruth Tan Lim Concert Hall
  • Learning of band pedagogy and concert band ensemble rehearsal techniques for music education majors and community members that are interested in teaching.
  • FREE instrument check-out (where approved and available) from the MCC PAC.  Over 8 instruments may be available to choose from and you can check them out the entire semester!
  • Positive, motivational experiences for all musicians, early college – retired community members and all ability levels.
  • Enrollment in large ensembles are often the path to private lesson scholarships (wavers). Text SCHOLARSHIPS to 480-787-0777 for more information.
  • Community Band registration information CLICK HERE  Concert Band registration information CLICK HERE

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