Music Ed 2018


Music Methods


Mesa Community College

Instructor: Brian Murphy / Rob Hunter

Office Hours:  T/H 12 pm

Office: PAC

E-mail: /

Office Phone: 480-461-7884

Text 480-787-0777 (preferred)




Pearson, Bruce.  Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Methods.  (Available at Milanos and most other music stores) Instruments TBD


COURSE OBJECTIVE:  To prepare students to effectively organize and teach players in an ensemble setting, using technology, ensemble performance, and individual playing techniques.




  1. Written tests. Tests are based on information given in class by me or during student presentations, or from the text as assigned. There are three written tests scheduled during the semester.  Unannounced quizzes may also be given for extra credit; they cannot be made up.  Each test is graded on a scale of 1 to 10 for a total of 30 points.


  1. Concert Reaction Papers. During the semester, attend one ensemble concert (Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, University Orchestra or College Orchestra) and write a 2-page (typed, double-spaced) reaction paper. You may not write about a concert in which you are a performer.  (NOTE:  No recitals this semester; you must attend an ensemble concert!)   10 points.



Your paper should include:


  1. A copy of the concert program – very important!
  2. Observations on instrumentation, seating arrangement, balance/blend, use of brass, and other relevant observations based on class discussion
  3. Comments/critique of performance, such as tone, posture, etc.
  1. Individual Lesson and Playing Evaluations.  There are four (4) playing evaluations during the semester.  Two are individual, one-on-one sessions with an expert on the instruments you choose; the other two evaluations are done in class.  Each evaluation is 10 points for a total of  40 points.
  1. Teaching and Technology Projects. You will lead part of the class on various projects 10 points X 2. Requires proof of volunteerism in a band/orchestra or choir K-12 class (most important thing you do).  Teach us what you learned in the classes you observe.
  1. Class digital portfolio including your resume and cover letter. Your portfolio should also include any notes taken in class, resume, plus all digital handouts. 10 points.

Attendance Competency

This is a professional forum; therefore, attendance is required at all class sessions. Miss no more than 2 scheduled classes for any reason. All absences are excused-more than two will result in the determination that the attendance requirement has not been completed satisfactorily and students final grade will be lowered one level (i.e., pay deduction). If students are habitually tardy to class (more than twice) they will also be determined as not having demonstrated competency and accuracy and in turn will receive one final grade lower.

Professional Note

As a united profession of dedicated music educators, we know of no excellent teachers who simply do the bare minimum to get by in their jobs (i.e. only achieve competency). Teachers “just getting by” are unhappy, unmotivated, and ultimately have a negative effect on students. Any profession should provide fulfillment and satisfaction to the person involved in that profession. If teaching is the right profession for you, you will find motivation and excitement easy to come by in the process of carrying out your daily job. One of our goals is to make this course as much like a teaching job as possible. If you begin to have trouble getting motivated to do your very best for this class, please come talk to me and I will be glad to help determine the source of the problem. Ultimately, we want to send to the profession only those teachers who are excited about teaching and are happy doing it!

CAVEAT:  The above procedures and the following schedule for this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.


It is expected that you will exhibit ethical behavior concerning your work in this class. Students are expected to do their own work, use their own words in papers, and to reference outside sources appropriately. Failure to uphold the standards of academic honesty will result in the appropriate disciplinary action.




Information for Students with Disabilities:  If you have a documented disability, including a learning disability, and would like to discuss possible accommodations, please contact the MCC Disabilities Resources and Services (DRS) office at 480-461-7447 or email

To ensure equal access, all required course materials provided in web links are expected to meet AA Standard of Compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.   All internal and external course links should be evaluated by the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool.  Course materials are expected to be in compliance, or an alternative option provided upon the students request.  Students with disabilities must have an equally effective and equivalent educational opportunity as those students without disabilities. Students experiencing difficulty accessing course materials because of a disability are expected to contact the course instructor so that a solution can be found that provides all students equal access to course materials and technology.