MCCC Competition results

Thanks to all the competitors. Great Job!

Solo Instrumental

1st place: Mariana Arellano (flute) – Mesa
2nd place: Arian Abdollahi (marimba) – Scottsdale
3rd place: Brice Bach (trumpet) – Mesa
Honorable Mention: Aaron Weiland (clarinet) – Mesa

Instrumental Ensemble

1st place: Guitar Octet – Glendale
2nd place: Olive Ave Guitar Duo – Glendale
3rd place: Laura Meador/Joshua Pierce guitar duo – Glendale
Honorable Mention: Brass Quintet – Mesa
Honorable Mention: Trumpet Ensemble – Mesa

1st place: Christian Pascale – Glendale
2nd place: Kellin Baldenegro – Paradise Valley
3rd place: Jonathan Nilsen – Glendale


1st place: Minami Ito – Mesa
2nd place: Casidy Nielsen – Scottsdale
3rd place: Alberto Vargas – Glendale
Honorable Mention: Nina Tahbaz – Mesa
Honorable Mention: Kaylee Orem – Scottsdale
Honorable Mention: Sally Kurtz – Mesa

Jazz Ensemble

1st place: The Burnt Spoons – Scottsdale
2nd place: Deflated Fish – Scottsdale
3rd place: Tony Vacca’s Disgruntled Sidemen – Scottsdale
Honorable Mention: GCC Combo – Glendale