Ottawa Program


Bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Secondary Music Education are available through the partnership with MCC and Ottawa University. Please contact Rob Hunter at and visit Ottawa University for more information.


The programs of study below are subject to change and require approval from Ottawa University and MCC. They are meant to guide you through the essence of the program of study.

Mesa Community College also offers Music Methods classes.

Click here to learn more about OTTAWA University and the degree path with MCC and Ottawa U

Ottawa Music Education auditions are required prior to taking any Ottawa Classes.  Please contact Sue Anne Lucius or Rob Hunter and visit Ottawa University


Ottawa/MCC University Instrumental Music Education Auditions.

Ottawa Audition Form

Please email

  1. Perform 2 contrasting works on your primary instrument/voice
  2. Perform scales
  3. Sight reading
  4. Ear training
  5. Rhythmic dictation
  6. Sight Singing
  7. 2-5 minute presentation to the committee as if they were your first parent group for Jr. High or High School Band or Orchestra.  Be creative – tell us your philosophy, expectations etc.  Newsletters, handouts, calendars or powerpoint are examples of some presentations from the past.  Demonstrate your ability to communicate and be professional.