Faculty Media Kits

Hi Everyone,  thanks for filling out the media kit form. 

There’s one more REALLY important project here! 


Set up your smart phone or computer (or have someone film you)

Provide us with a maximum of a one minute pitch of who are, what you do and why everyone wants to be at the college with you! (Live and online teaching etc). Try to do this in a friendly pg environment!

Hi my name is:
I teach….
I play …..
Why you choose to teach at MCC and what you teach
Why students love about your classes
Personalize your video and close out with some type of encouragement to come study with you!

Here’s an example from Pete Pancrazi – do it your way!  If you’re completely uncomfortable doing this we’ll do a quick audio or video interview with you! Students really need too get to know us virtually and this is a great start! 

Please send your video clip to my drop box at mesacollegeband@gmail.com or text me for details.