Concert Bands

Dear Musicians,

Ive sent you all messages in canvas and via text.

We’ve been thinking of you all and missing being with you, especially in band!

Moving forward Canvas, along with texting ( 480-787-0777 ) will be our portals of interaction.

If anyone needs a computer please let me know and please complete this form:

CLICK HERE and request.  We’ll do our best to help if we can!

I know many of you have jobs online now so we won’t hold classes at set times, just check in here when you can.

Secondly, we want to be sure everyone is on the text list – can you please reply

CB20 for community band

DB20 for day band

Brass20 for MUE classes

Scholarships for scholarships info

POS for program of study (music ed degree with teacher certification)

PLAY for all other inquires

Text any of the above keywords (no caps needed) to to 480-787-0777 if nothing comes back reply START to the number please.

We are going to make the remaining weeks fun and congrats on your last concert. We sure miss performing with you!

Wishing you and your family health and safety through this every changing time.



MUP 161

Community Band with Rob Hunter

1 Credit

Thurs.  7:20 pm – 9:20  along with 2 concerts per semester


MUP 162

Day Concert Band with Rob Hunter and Paul Brewer  

2 Credits

Tues. + Thurs. 2:30pm-4:25pm


MUP 181

Music Education Method Class 

Tues/Thurs. Time: 1 pm

1 Credit

Mup 181 may be repeated for credit


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Interested members please email for more information!