Unofficial updates for MCC Instrumental Music regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Instrumental Staff and Faculty will you please text CORONA to 480-787-0777 so I can put you on my text list and also communicate to you that way.

All in-person and hybrid classes are suspended through Sunday, April 5, 2020. All current online classes will continue to be held as scheduled. Faculty are currently working on moving existing in-person and hybrid classes to alternative or online learning environments when appropriate for the remainder of the Spring semester.

Please log your hours right away per district permissions and do check with Craig and Alma if you’re unsure.  We’re suggesting that you consider engaging with students to let them know you are getting ready to teach them online.  We don’t know when live teaching will happen (no one knows at this point) so we’re going to embrace this with all we’ve got!

Visit for official information

In an effort to respond to the challenges of the moment, the College Music Society has created a repository of open-access resources that aims to gather best practices and innovative solutions for some of the most perplexing problems.

Private Instruction

Chamber Ensemble Coaching

Large Ensemble Ideas

Presenting Recitals

Music Classroom Instruction

Other Resources for Teaching Remotely

Also, here is a great resource for setting the best audio settings in ZOOM for acoustic instrument lessons. The author compares all the major platforms with sample audio videos. ZOOM is the clear winner.

Plea to Students

Example Text that Dan Puccio sent out to his students to get them engaged: Try all forms of communication that make sense for you.

“Hi everyone! I want to give you a quick update with the new information that I have regarding lessons and the school’s policies.
At the moment, face to face instruction is halted until at least April 6. What that means for us is that we need to move to using video conferencing platforms if possible. I have a bunch of experience giving lessons online with Skype, FaceTime, and Zoom, so the transition should be fairly smooth. My biggest concern is your ability to access one of these on a computer, laptop, tablet, or your phone. Please respond in an individual text or phone call so that we can get the details sorted out, and hopefully start back up next week.
Please know that I’m committed to your success, and will do everything I can to ensure that you still get the proper number of lessons for the semester–this might mean that we double up for a week.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by email, text, or phone (at a reasonable hour, please).
Thanks for your patience–the world is a mess right now, and we will respond with our art.
Dan”  Use whatever you like from his text to fast track your engagement with students.

Community Information around college kids

Remember   MCC Corona Virus Information Dedicated Page (use this for updates)