$85 per Credit for Maricopa Residents!

NEW: Tuition Discount Rates

Flat Rate Tuition for AZ Residents at 12 credits and above

Eligibility: Any students who meet the current requirements for in state resident tuition. Tuition for enrollment at 12 credits and above will be set at the flat rate of $1020.00. The discount only applies to tuition, not course fees.

Resident tuition rate for Nonresident students at 6 credits or below

Eligibility: Any student who is physically present in the state of Arizona and meets lawful presence requirement and who does not currently meet the Maricopa residency requirement may be eligible for the in state tuition rate for up to 6 credits ($510). The discount only applies to tuition, not course fees.

Any enrollments above 6 credits will be billed at the non-resident rate.

Music Scholarships Available to Music AND Non-Music Majors

text ” Scholarships” to 480-787-0777


Wondering if virtual and live music ensembles, classes and lessons will work for you?

Get to know some of the valley’s finest professors and teachers right here on Music In Mesa (MIM). MIM provides information for parents, students, and community musicians about private and enriched musical teaching experiences.  Learn about online, live-online, hybrid, and live classes for students and community members of all ages and abilities.  Start online with an amazing MIM teacher today!

 With MIM, you’ll be amazed at how the teachers represented here can exceed your expectation and inspire you to reach beyond your music goals.  Students that study with teachers on MIM are consistently engaged and challenged.  Students and community members will also thrive from the benefit of being frequently invited to clinics with celebrity guest artists, large and small ensembles performances and affordable access to the highest level of learning and fun through music.

Get to know the experienced faculty primarily anchored at

Mesa Community College.


Play and learn from the comfort of your home at affordable prices!



Regardless of your skill-set, location, or circumstance, the amazing professors at MIM will work WITH YOU and foster the advancement of your musical experience.


What We Offer:

An easy online resource with a diverse roster of
music industry professionals, ready to work with you!

MIM teachers work together with students of all ages to envision the student’s individual objective, create a curriculum, and work towards achieving their goals interests with each lesson. Online and in-person music lessons and classes that are worth it.  See how signing up with the local community college and/or getting involved with MCC can be  just a fraction of the price of most other institutions.

Musicians at any level can get involved, whether it is your first time picking up an instrument or you are looking to advance your musical studies with college-level training.

Immerse yourself in the Arts and be part of Music in Mesa for life!


Students of all ages

  • Lessons length dictated by student
  • We Offer: Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Guitar, Piano, Jazz, Strings, Vocals, Ensembles, and more!
  • Flexibility with virtual lessons – we help to create a schedule that works for you.