Faculty and Staff

Sue Anne Lucius – Music Theatre (480-461-7577)
Alex Keen – Venue Manager MCC Performing Arts Center (480-461-7503)
Alma Quiros – Administrative Assistant (480-461-7575)
Rob Hunter – Director of Instrumental Music
Paul Brewer – Director of Jazz Studies
Fred Forney – Jazz, Brass, Humanities (480-461-7576)
Hugh Lovelady – Humanities, Saxaphone (480-461-7389)
Keith Heffner – Audio Production Technologies – Sound Design, Electronic Music (480-461-7450)
Catherine Hauan – Vocal, Music Theatre (480-461-7865)
Alexandra Perdue – Music Business (480-461-7869)
Craig Peterson – Music Department Chair, Choral, Piano, Vocal (480-461-7164)
Danene Richardson – Music Theory, Composition, Organ, Piano (480-461-7593)
Andy Seagle – Audio Production Technologies – Studio Recording (480-461-7273)
Ruth Yandell – Piano, Organ (480-461-7574)

Nathan Mitchell , Mike King, Nathan Johnston Melanie Sanguinetti, Scott Hanson, Raul Yanez, Nick Flickenger, Doug Robinson, Pete Pancrazi, Dan Davis, Joe Feliz, Scotty Pearson, Alma Quiros, SueAnne LuciusPaul Brewer,  Fred Forney, Joseph Anthony Goglia, Dom Moio, Nick Manson, Christina Steffen, Brian James Murphy, Chris Finet, Emery Harvison, Joe Corral, Jeff Quamo, Byron Ruth, Chris Reidy and more!

Professors and Studio Classes

Mr. Jeff Atchison, MCC Community Band

Dr. Jeff Quamo, Clarinet
Mr. Nick Manson, Jazz, Piano
Mr. Byron Ruth, Saxophone
Ms. Christina Steffen, Flute
Mr. Joe Corral, Flute
Mr. Hugh Lovelady, Saxophone
Mr. Nathan Mitchell, Horn
Mr. Mike King, Jazz, Bass
Ms. Melanie Sanguinetti, Bassoon
Mr. Scott Hanson, Low Brass
Mr. Chris Reidy, Percussion
Mr. Raul Yanez, Jazz
Mr. Nick Flickenger, Oboe
Mr. Doug Robinson, Trombone
Mr. Pete Pancrazi, Jazz, Guitar
Mr. Dom Moio, Jazz, Drums
Mr. Dan Tomlinson, Drums
Mr. Robby Carrillo, Drums

Brice Bach

Nolan Coody

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